There is enough!

I got an amazing email, and with the permission of the sender, I wanted to share this with you:

"Having grown up in a cluttered home with emotional savers (letting go of things somehow indicated you thought less of the giver/deceased relative who at some time touched the item), I have an aversion to clutter. What I didn't realize was how much emotional clutter I had moved around for 20 years. After reading your book and following your blog, I was inspired to let some of it go - what an incredible relief! Regarding the physical stuff, I no longer save just to save. If I need something later, I'll borrow or buy it at that point. The key word is "if." Becoming physically or emotionally buried by good intentions makes it impossible to create an intentional existence."

"With "intentional and proactive living" as our goal, my husband and I left more traditional and secure jobs to start our own company. One of our mantras,"There is enough!" applies to time, money, patience, ability and "stuff." The social pressure to have "more" drives so many people to work more to get more. Letting go of that idea and embracing a smarter, intentional approach to life and work has been so liberating!"

I love their mantra, "There is enough!"

The feeling of lack, the impulse to get more things to appease a sense that "I need more to feel okay", can never be filled. It takes trying to live that way, and experiencing the constant frustration, to come to the understanding that our sanity exists in the acceptance that we are enough. That's where our true security lies. From this place comes clarity, and a much more satisfying life.