Time Well Spent

Time is valuable.

It's the currency of the day. Every morning you wake up to a fresh stack of time that you get to spend.

Clutter steals our time by distracting, delaying and discouraging us in the moment. We tense in the midst of what no longer serves us, which makes us think less clearly and our time gets misspent. We end up at the end of the day, wondering where the day went.

It helps to think of time as a thing. Because it's measurable, it's as much a thing as a toaster, a pair of shoes, or a book. The more we see time as tangible and limited, we begin to see its value and decide how to spend it in a way that serves us.

It takes time to clutter bust. We have to spend our time going through our stuff, piece by piece, and deciding, "Do I still like and enjoy you, or is it time for you to go?" This is time well spent because it removes the obstacles to our day.

A clutter busted space allows you to be present in the midst of your day. When you are present, you are at the source of time. There are great resources like energy, clarity, and insight that come to you. Time feels alive. Time becomes your friend.