Your Clutter Radar

There's a sensitive part of us that tells us when some thing is off. It's a radar that senses when a thing, person or situation is hurting us. It alerts us so we will notice and remove the clutter.

Imagine the clutter radar in yourself. Feel its sensitivity. It's part of your immune system for things outside your body and in your environment. It finds and inspires you to remove what's no longer serving you.

I trust my clients' clutter radars. I ask them about each thing in their life, so their radars kick on and do their job. Sometimes we forget about this powerful part of ourselves. It helps to be reminded.

Your sensitivity to what no longer fits your life is ready at a moments notice. It has a built-in intelligence that knows your needs in the moment. It shines a light on your discomforts. It gives you the boldness and confidence to let go of what hinders you. Trust your clutter radar to do its job.

Your clutter radar is awesome!