Your Things Aren't You

The longer some thing is in our life, the more we begin to see it as part of ourselves.

Over time, our car, clothes, books, photos, furniture, home, friends, activities, ways of seeing things, feel like an extension of us. The idea of parting with anything feels like we are losing a piece of ourselves.

Even if some of these things are causing us pain.

This associative connection is one of the main causes of resistance when letting go of clutter.

That's why I continually encourage the questioning of the things in your life. Asking, "Do I love and enjoy this thing, or can I let it go?" creates a healthy separation and allows you to see what's in your life with clarity.

You see that you are what's sacred. And your things are there to support you, or it's time for them to go.

A recent client had a closet packed full of clothes. The chaos of her clothing space made it uncomfortable for her to be in there. When I suggested we go through each piece of clothing to see what no longer fit her emotionally and physically, she wanted to skip the closet altogether.

I said that she had a strong connection to every item of clothing. Especially because she wore them all at some point. Her mind associated each piece of clothing as a piece of herself. But at one point they only adorned her. They served her in the moment she wore them. Not like her hands or legs would serve her. But as something separate. It was her attachment to the clothing as a whole, seeing them as part of her in this moment, that was hurting her.

She opened up and was willing to take a closer look. We went through each piece of clothing in a gentle way. She was able to let go of a majority of her old clothes.