Clutter Busting Your Life

I feel like I'm showing you a photo of my new baby. This is my new clutter busting book that will be coming out next Spring. I'm a proud parent!

It's amazing how these things happen. I didn't intend on writing another book about clutter. But I'm a clutter buster, not a soothsayer. This book came out of all the questions people asked me when I did my book tour. There was a great interest in how clutter affects all of our relationships and how our relationships affect our tendency to hold onto things we no longer want or need. I wanted to share my insights.

Writing this book has brought me closer to myself and to the people I love in my life. I was able to see and notice things I was hanging onto to protect myself from being hurt by others. I saw that hanging on to this false armor was only hurting me. When I started letting this clutter go, I really felt my heart open up.

I hope this book does the same for you.

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Clutter Busting Your Life