Clutter Hideouts in the Computer

I went to check out websites that were under bookmarks in my computer. I saw a long list and felt a strong overwhelming sensation. It was a sense of 'there's too much going on.' My clutter radar went off and I began to delete.

I let go of websites that I'd saved because I thought I wanted to look at them later. I deleted other websites that I used to look at but didn't anymore. There were a few that I didn't want to let go of because I thought I should look at them. So I went to the websites and tried taking a look, but I wasn't interested enough. So I let those go too. I felt like I was mowing a long overgrown lawn.

I felt inspired to check out the folders on my desktop. I clicked on one folder, and in that was another folder, and, lo and behold, inside of that was an empty word document! The document had a title, and I figured it was something I wanted to write a ways back. But now I had no interest. So I deleted it along with the folders. The amazing thing was, I got the same feeling of relief that I get when I let go of a book or an article of clothing that's no longer a part of my life.

Much of computer clutter is invisible to us. It's not sitting out on a counter, or laying on the floor, or obstructing us from parking our car in the garage. It's hiding behind an icon on our desktop. It's hidden away as forgotten photos and videos stored somewhere in our computer. It's old emails we thought we'd want to read again, tucked away in our email account. There are many hiding places.

It's worth the look because we use these things a lot. The lighter we can make our experience while using our computers, the easier our lives will be.