Creative Living

I don't know how to write this one.

It's a feeling I woke up with this morning. The sense that are lives are like art. We're in the midst of the canvas of our life. The only thing we have in front of us is this.

Not in a philosophical way. It's hard to live a concept. Instead, here I am. What do I need now? What can I enjoy now? What feels like a good thing to do? Is there anything that's in the way and causing me pain in some way that I can take care of or let go now?

It's nice to know that we get to use our creativity to figure out our lives. It's interesting to see what springs out of us in the midst of this moment. It take us out of, "Well, this is how I'm supposed to live" or "I'm worried what people will think if I do this." When we're thinking creatively, we have a lot more possibilities.

Seeing things creatively can give you the confidence to make intuitive and inspired choices. When I work with clients, I ask them what they want, so they can start thinking from a sense of openness. In most cases, they just needed the permission to come alive in this way. We don't need much encouragement to be creative.

Creative living is a private experience. You don't have to share it with anyone or get their approval. There's just you in this moment, and what feels right.