Do You Like Your Roomates?

Everything in our home is a roommate.

We share our space with our things. For better or worse.

It helps to see our companions for what they are. Do you get along with them? Or are they bad roommates?

Just because something has been with us for a while, doesn't mean it's our friend.

When I first started working as a clutter buster, I was stunned to realize many people had a living room that they never went in. It was like a furniture display room at Ikea. They assumed it's what you did. It was illuminating for my clients to see they didn't care for having a furniture showroom in their homes. They claimed the space back for themselves.

It's worth looking at your stuff as co-habitators. Do you like living with these things? Or would you rather they move on? It's your home. You won't hurt their feelings if you say no.

The main thing is, you feel better when you love what you live with.

I remember asking a couple if they loved their bed. They surprised themselves by saying no. They used to think it didn't matter. It was just something they slept on. But it turns out it did matter. Imagine how crappy a night's sleep you get on a bed you don't care for?