Noticing What We Love!

While letting go, it's also good to take time and acknowledge those things that do matter to you.

A lot of what we care about gets ignored because of the clutter. We often can't get to what we love because we are distracted and weighed down by what we don't care about.

I was working with a couple who were at great odds with one another. There wasn't a nice word exchanged between the two. They reminded me of two dogs barking at one another.

Their house was on obstacle course of clutter. I was curious to see what they would be like as the clutter went away. Would they turn out to be clutter for one another, or would they start to experience peace together?

Initially there were some arguments over whether stuff stayed or went. But then I noticed it became easier for them to compromise. A few times they seemed stunned when a a compliment from one slipped out from the other.

I worked with the couple for a few days. In the end, there was a connection between the two that wasn't there when I arrived. I told them my observation. They looked at each other with a silent acknowledgment. I think they were noticing something that had been ignored for a while. They liked each other!