Place of Honor

Yesterday's client hired me to help her clutter bust the house she inherited a year ago from her uncle who had passed away. She wasn't living in the space because it was filled with her uncle's things. She was intimidated by his stuff.

She would hold up one of his many magnifying glasses and say, "Doesn't this deserve a place of honor?" She had a lost and wistful look in her eyes. She picked up an old container of Morton salt and asked if it too deserved a 'place of honor.'

I answered her by saying that she missed her uncle. That's natural. She was close with him. So when she considered letting go of something, she saw it as letting go of her uncle. But he was gone. Nothing in the house could bring him back, and would only keep her in the miserable state.

I said the place of honor was reserved for her. It was her home now. By letting go of everything in the space that wasn't supporting her moving in and happily living there, she would be honoring herself.

And once she cleared the space and moved in, she could enjoy her uncle in her heart, by happily living in a home that he gave her.

This perspective gave her strength and clarity and she was able to start letting go.

It helps to see clutter for what it is. Otherwise we get lost and stranded in its mirage.