Purses and Wallets

Here's a quick clutter bust you can do right now. Take out your wallet or purse. Remove all the contents and place them on an open surface. It helps to take things out of their usual environment so you can see them with a clearer eye.

This is an important and helpful exercise because it serves us to have our most commonly used action orientated items clutter free so we can think more clearly in the midst of our day's activities.

Have a trash can by your side. Pick up one thing at a time and honestly ask yourself, "Do I need this or can I let it go?" No scrap of paper or plastic goes unchecked.

I worked with a client once whose purse contained a large amount of business cards. Some were hers from a business that she no longer worked for. Others were from people that she no longer had an interest in contacting or hiring. Some were people whose info was in her cell phone. She was stunned that they she hadn't previously noticed that they were all insignificant. She let them go.

Look at coupon, credit card, and driver's license expiration dates. If you find that something's expired and needs to be renewed, immediately make the call for the appointment, or go to the internet and take care of it. Clutter can also be tasks that need to be taken care of but are left waiting. We feel better when we finish things.

Check out the keys on your key ring. Let go of any keys that you're not using anymore. It's common that clients will have one or more keys that they no longer need, or they can't remember what they used to unlock.

When you're done, put things back one piece at a time. It helps makes you more conscious of the space itself. Just like us, space likes to be appreciated.