Taking a Look Inside

Last night I lay in bed and felt anxiety in my stomach. I looked to see if it was about something. But there was nothing specific. Then I thought it was residual nervousness. Something(s) that I was anxious about in the past, had come to the surface like a burp.

I had the thought to watch some TV so I could avoid this uncomfortable feeling. But I figured it would still be there afterwards. So I lay there and watched the nervousness instead. It danced across and in my belly. It was ricocheting. It went from a pain to a tickle. And then I fell asleep.

When I woke up, my stomach felt better. I thought about how we have things in our body as well as in the space around us. All day long we experience a multitude of thoughts, sensations, moods and emotions inside of us. Because they come and go so quickly, they can seem insignificant. But I think they affect us as much as what's in our environment. It's worth taking the extra look inside.