Being Alive

"I find that to be alive is the goodest thing there is. And the reason it's so good is it's so bad to be dead."

I heard that from Norm MacDonald's standup comedy recording, Me Doing Standup. It's funny because it's true. We may grumble and get caught up in the bumps in life's road, but we've got a constant good thing going in being alive.

But awareness of being alive is in the background for us most of the time because we're always alive. We usually only notice things when there's a contrast.

I had pneumonia last January. I felt for the first time that I might lose my life. Suddenly I had no awareness of the little things that bothered me. I was aware that I liked being alive and I wanted to preserve that experience.

Since then, my feeling of aliveness has been much more constant. There's a feeling of vitality in being alive. It feels like a force. A lot like electricity. Plus I feel a closeness with the life force. It feels like it's me.

I bring this up because a big part of clutter busting is letting go so we can notice and enjoy the things we love. We lose what's been distracting us from our life. We begin to feel more present. It's that sense of presence that's our life force.