I've been visiting old friends as I drive across the big old USA. It's been nice to reconnect. It reminds me that relationships are tangible things. The connection I have with others is as real a thing as my shoes, my car and the computer I'm typing on now.

I think the unity experience is the best possible feeling. Not just with people, but with land, stuff we love, and things we love to do. As the clutter goes, it's easier to notice and appreciate these connections.

A feeling of unity with another, or a thing, or place is an abstract thing. We can't see that feeling. And we get distracted from them by our clutter. But I've seen a lot of couples and families become closer as they clutter bust.

Without the distractions, we also become closer with ourselves.

This morning I'm sitting in a coffee shop in Denver. I'm looking out the window at the bright blue sky. I feel close with the mountains in the distance. There's a cactus by the sidewalk that's saying hi to me. My heart feels warm.