The Phoenix

My client was feeling badly about a job she used to have a few years ago. She had a lot of negative memories about her old workplace. They bothered her so much that she didn't want to get another job. She was unemployed.

She was filled with anger and regret for having worked at her former job. Even though she was no employed at that company, it felt like a deep part of her was still there. I think she was trying to protect herself with the anger, but this was keeping her connected to her experience.

I pointed out how she was hanging on to the old experience and it was exhausting and damaging her more than her initial experience at the job. Her emotional connection to these memories was clutter.

She got it. She said that she wanted to let go by having a fire ceremony. So we gathered together all her old business cards, and various papers from her previous job and we took them outside to her fire pit. We crumpled the papers and then set them on fire. She was so pleased to see them burn.

I said the flames were burning up her old life, and they were releasing her into her life now. That's actually the mechanics of clutter busting. When we let something go, we release our attachment and connection to something that's no longer serving us from the past, and we become present.