Seeing Clearly

Yesterday my girlfriend helped me clutter bust in preparation for my drive across the USA today. I wanted to travel light so I asked her to ask me about all my things so I'd only bring stuff that was part of my life.

Things were going well until I came across a contact lens. It was a special hard lens that I wasn't wearing. My first thought was that I had to hang onto it because when I wore it, I saw better. But because it was painful to wear, I never actually wore it. I was hanging on for a reason that wasn't serving me. On top of that, it had cost my $450. I could feel that I had stepped into the clutter bear trap.

Because she knows how this works, my girlfriend saw this clutter red flag. She kept asking me, gently, until I realized I was never going to wear this contact lens. And as long as I hung onto it, even though I wasn't wearing it, it would bother me. So I let it go. It was difficult for a few minutes. And then I felt a strong sense of relief.

So, here I am. All packed and ready to go. I'll write to you this week from the road.