Taking Our Time

My client said, "I'm taking too long to let go. I shouldn't be so slow. Something's wrong with me."

I asked her who she was talking about. She was surprised and said, "Me! I'm terrible. Be honest with me, am I your worst client?"

I said I still didn't know who she was talking about. She laughed.

I told her I didn't see her that way. I saw her as someone who was dismantling the clutter structure she'd slowly built up in her home. It takes time to consider each thing. She was listening to her feelings. She was seeing what helped her and what hurt her.

The clutter built up in our lives because we got overwhelmed and lost touch. But it's not our fault. We weren't wrong or bad. And when we get the inner strength to decide to do something to help ourselves out with this clutter situation, there's no time limit of when it should be done. Part of the healing is taking our time. Most of us aren't used to doing that. But we're learning that we're worth the effort.