Trying to Stop the Flow of Time

I love writing these blogs. But I never know what to write until I start typing. Clutter busting is not a thought out process for me. It happens.

Right now I'm thinking about how the things in our life come and go. People, stuff, situations, ideas. Even our bodies come and go. We are born, and one day (hopefully not soon) we'll die.

What causes us pain is the holding onto something that wants to go. When something no longer fits us, it's ready to go, even if we aren't ready to release it.

I have a friend whose husband was an alcoholic and often mistreated her. But she was doing everything she could to keep the relationship intact. One night he wanted to go to a bar and get drunk. She tried to stop him by jumping onto the hood of his car as he drove out of the garage. Luckily she safely slid off as he pulled away.

A part of us refuses to see that change is happening. We automatically blur or blind ourselves to it. We're invested in the memories of when our relationship with this thing was good. Or we see only our hopes and dreams of what we wanted this thing to be. We're trying to live a fantasy amidst reality. No wonder we get so tired!

Noticing we are doing this helps.

I found when I'm resisting change, I feel a tension on my heart or stomach. We hold on through our emotions, and these reside in our bodies. I find it helps to close my eyes and put my attention on the feelings of frustration there. For some reason, quiet attention is like a lullaby. I can feel those places calm. From here come insights that encourage me to befriend and move with what's changing.