The Body Never Lies

When we're feeling stressed and overwhelmed, when our body aches and is exhausted, our body is telling us its truth. Not in words. Words can be manipulated. But the sensations we feel in our body are the truth. The body lets us know we're unhappy, we're tired, we're doing something we don't care for.

The body is a an accurate and dependable gauge. It's the chief instrument used in clutter busting. When we ask, "Do I love this anymore, or can I let it go?" we're asking the body. Does our stomach tighten, do we grit our teeth, is our breathing shallow, do we feel hot, do we hold our throat or head, are we nauseous, do we feel tired? This is the body saying, "No, I don't care for this anymore. Let it go."

There's two weeks left to 2011. This is a time to start looking around and asking our bodies what we no longer need in our lives. It's cleaning up after the event of 2011. It's a powerful way to tend to ourselves.

To thank you for reading and supporting my blog this year, and to encourage you to let go, I'm offering my phone clutter busting services next week for a very special rate. From December 18th through the 24th, my phone clutter busting rate will be $50. You can email me at to set up a session.