Discovering Our Needs

How much do we need?

By need, I mean what makes us feel good. What satisfies us?

Our mind is insatiable, so it can't honestly answer the question.

The answer comes in looking at what regularly takes care of us. What do we encounter that leaves us feeling stronger, happier, and peaceful.

I feel taken care of when I play guitar, hang out with my girlfriend, write stories, and see a well-made movie. I don't feel good when I hang out on the internet, when I'm inside the house too much, and when I go to parties.

It helps to see what actually does the trick. Otherwise we tricked into buying and doing things because the marketing and current societal thinking makes us think others know us better than we know ourselves.

When I visit a client's house, I get the sense that they've lost track of what takes care of them. They've acquired a bunch of things that aren't making them happy. I know they'll feel better when they eliminate the stuff they don't actually care about.

I feel like a doctor making house calls. But I end up helping the clients diagnose themselves. When it comes down to it, we know what's best for ourselves.