Feeling My Way Through

Tonight I'm writing from Los Angeles. I'm on week three of Let's Live in the South-West for the Winter. I'm certainly enjoying the warmth, and all the extra sunlight. I might be moving out to Arizona soon for even more sunshine. After living the past three winters in Chicago's icebox, I would move right inside the Sun if I could.

Surprising circumstances took me down the side road of where I find myself this evening. I was thinking about how it's impossible to know the future. Yet most of our decisions are made based on the future we suppose will be happening. We do what we think is best, and then life happens, sometimes disregarding our plans.

I'm finding that clutter busting is a way to live with the surprises life continually brings my way. Having that openness allows me to see that things have changed, and the old way of doing things no longer fits. A ways back I would try and hang onto what was crumbling. Through sheer will I thought I could overcome nature. Oh, that was frustrating.

Eventually that strong hold on to what no longer fits becomes painful. The pain is the indicator that it has to go.

So I'm staying lose out here. I'm seeing where my next step feels good.