Insights from Joshua Tree National Park

What blew me away about the desert was that the space and the things in it felt alive. The trees and the rocks and the small plants and the ground itself felt aware. I felt like they were saying hi to me.

I got the thought that it's possible to feel the same way in our homes. By becoming so sensitive to our living spaces, we notice what doesn't fit and remove it. Through this sensitivity, we create a space where everything in the room feels right to us.

It's a radical idea to treat our places with such specialness. But I think we're all tired enough of living with chaotic spaces, that transforming our homes into sacred spaces is becoming something we're naturally moving towards.

When I moved into this room at my friend's house three weeks ago, I moved things into the closet that I didn't care for. I put up my paintings on the walls. I set out my guitars. I put my comforter on the bed. As I look about the room, my guitars smile at me. My paintings wink. The bed lovingly supports me as I type you this blog post. Even though I'm temporarily staying here, I feel like my living space appreciates me.

We deserve to live in a space that loves us.