Off Target

I went to Super Target to replace my friend's pot that I burned the day before. The store was actually called "Super Target." It was the size of a small city. The store could have held a stadium. The parking lot was vast. The funny thing was, there were only about two dozen cars parked in the lot. So the store was mostly empty of people. It was just a lot of products sitting around waiting to be bought.

The area that caught my eye were the racks of plastic organizing bins. Their tag line was, "PUT A LID ON CLUTTER." The store was basically telling people, "Do you know those annoying pesky things that you don't use anymore but can't figure out what to do with? How about hiding them?"

The storage bins end up being trash cans that are never emptied. You have to keep buying more of these storage trash cans to take care of all that bothersome stuff. I know because I've seen this principle in action when I've gone to clients homes. They've spent lots of money to hide things they no longer use or care for in these bins, which are then hidden in closets, under the bed, in the garage, basement, or in a storage locker.

And the crappy part is my clients end up feeling just as overwhelmed as they did when the unused and uncared for stuff was free-ranging it all over their home. As long as the stuff is in a person's home, it's going to make them feel chaotic and lethargic.

The solution is not in making things appear to disappear. The answer is taking the time to remove what we no longer need or care for. Instead of hiding, we uncover, and take an honest look at what's in our home. If we don't love it, we remove it from our home. This gives us a feeling of peace.