Packing for 2012

This sounds so corny, but the end of a year is a great opportunity to really look at your life. You're right smack in the middle of your life, so you can look around.

You can look at the people in your life, the things that you do, things surrounding you in your can even look at your body and the way it feels and how you treat it. And you can say, "Alright, this is my life. What do I want to do with it? It's mine to choose."

"Going into 2012, which of these things do I want to bring with me, and which do I want to leave behind or let go of?" We can actually make that decision.

"Is there a way that I treat myself that's not really supporting me, that I don't want to bring with me?"

"Are there people in my life that I no longer connect with, that I don't need to drag along with me?"

"Are there things, as I look around the room right now, are there things that I just don't want to carry with me into this next year?"

"If I'm packing to go on a trip, what do I want to pack to bring with me into 2012?"

Some of these things may have been brilliant to us in the past; really treated us well. But perhaps some of them don't now. Again, I come back to that it's really our right to choose. It's our life. And our life really appreciates it when we take care of it.

Nobody else knows better than you. You're the expert.

So what stays and what goes?