Asking Yourself

Today's phone client wanted help with her clothes. She felt overwhelmed with the piles of clothes all over her bedroom and in her stuffed bedroom closet.

I suggested we go through her clothes as if she were shopping today. What would she buy and take home.

She picked up the first item and said, "I would never buy these overalls. I don't like overalls." She let them go. She selected a jacket and said, "I don't know what I saw in this. It's got to go."

She was on a roll. It's inspiring to put yourself first.

She tried on some clothing just like she would do at a store. This is a good technique to try at home. She realized some of the clothing no longer felt good to wear.

After a while she shared a realization. "I keep things because I must think they're valuable. I ascribe value to everything. But they're not all valuable."