Giving Ourselves a Break

We get stuck in clutter when we are disconnected from ourselves. By disconnect, I mean we are disassociated from our feelings. If often comes from being overwhelmed. This makes us incapable of taking care of the things in our environment.

The best thing we can do is get some rest, and take time away from the things that are over-involving us. It can give us the fresh perspective we need.

But since we're disconnected from ourselves in the moment, it can be hard to notice what we need.

I spent last week finishing up the final edit of my new book, Clutter Busting Your Life and sent it off to my publisher. I loved writing the book, but it used a lot of me up. I was pretty tired. I tried writing my blog last Friday but none of my ideas were coming together. I tried again on Saturday, and it felt flat. I was feeling frustrated, and then I realized I was tired and was better off resting.

I went for a leisurely hike in the desert, and took a good soak in the tub. Then I played a board game with my friends that I'm staying with. And then I went to bed early. I got up this morning and felt like a new Brooks.

And here I am, writing to you.