There were over two hundred sealed cardboard boxes taking up much of the space of his garage. He said that the boxes were filled with stuffed animals. The animals were inventory from his failed business. He was feeling melancholy.

These stuffed animals had been parked in his garage for over two years. He had no intention of trying to revive his business.

I told him that it felt like a morgue in there. The boxes were like coffins and the stuffed animals were corpses. It felt dead and heavy. I said the inertia of living with this was dragging him down.

I said he would be honoring the stuffed animals if he were to let them move on to another place. We honor things by letting them go when we are through with them. Then they have a chance to be used by someone else.

He liked the word "honoring." It took away the guilt and attachment. He said he would call a buyer who bought bulk products and resold them. He seemed much lighter.