We Know

My job as a clutter buster is to help a person get back in touch with their sensitive knowingness. That's why I ask a lot of questions. "Do you like this or can you let it go?" "Would you buy this if you were out shopping today?" "Do you still use this, or not?" My clients got overwhelmed and stopped asking themselves questions. So it helps for me to ask. I act as a jump start.

That's my intention behind these blog posts. I want to spark your discriminating skills. I trust the innate part of you that knows.

You're the expert of you. You know what you need and don't need.

I was working with a client whose living space was taken up by her things. She had very little space of her own. It felt like her things invaded her home and they gave her an ever-shrinking space to live in.

She was intimidated by her stuff.

I told her that she was the only important thing in her home. Her voice was the only one that mattered. She was the decider. Not her things. She cried. I think she was feeling some relief. It's empowering to remember it's our home.