Who We Are

What is truly ours?

Things can be in our lives. We can even be considered the owners. But our hold is only temporary. It can be minutes or years. Things wear out, break, get lost, change, our needs change, we lose interest.

The only thing that stays with us is ourselves. The one who's reading this. The one who feels desires. The one who experiences everything that comes and goes.

Who we are is so basic and always with us, that we forget about ourselves. Not that we disappear. We're always right here. But we often don't notice what's so simple and always present. It's easier for other things to take over our attention. It makes sense we get distracted. We become secondary to our things.

But there comes a point where we feel stuck. Where nothing new seems to make us happy. Where we feel overwhelmed with our things.

Deep down it's an aching to be reconnected with ourselves.

This is where the inspiration to clutter bust comes from. The longing to feel our presence again makes us question the things in our life. It's similar to the feeling of not being able to breathe and removing the things that are blocking the flow of oxygen. Being with ourselves becomes paramount.

As the distractions go. As we shed things that don't serve us, we reconnect. We feel peace of mind. That's who we are.