Your Value

It's good to be aware of your value. You're the main thing in your life. Without you, there's no possibility of anything else in your life.

What I've discovered from working with hundreds of people is that they themselves often take second or even last place to their things. Once you've lost your place as the main thing in your life, you lose your sensibilities and necessary sense of worth.

That's why when I work with people, I listen to their voice as the authority so they can revalue themselves. I ask, "Do you like this, or can you let it go?" because I want them to reclaim their importance in their living space.

Our stuff has the benefit of ads and marketing to pump them up. Ads make products seem amazing, as if they are infused with divine energy. We learn to value things over ourselves. But our stuff isn't more valuable than us. It's there to serve us and that's it.

Take some time to notice your importance in your home. It may seem odd at first because we are so stuff centered. But try seeing yourself as valuable. Not for what you do, or say, but for who you are.

Imagine you are a gem in the setting of your home. Feel your shine. Is there anything in your life space that is diminishing your brilliance? How valuable is something that shrinks and clouds who you are? Are you ready to remove this thing?