"Does any of it matter now?"

I've been writing these clutter busting blog posts for just over three years now. It started because of a suggestion from my publisher. She said it could help bring attention to my first book.

I'm not much of a marketer. I like to create things, but when I'm done, I lose interest in that thing and I want to create something new. I decided that I would be inspired to write my blogs as if I were writing a new book.

Sometimes I write about a clutter bust that I just finished. Or I get inspired from something that happened in my own life. Sometimes a concept about clutter comes to my mind that I feel would be helpful to share.

Today I wanted to share about a clutter busting movie I saw recently. It's called The Iron Lady. It stars Meryl Streep as Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher. Half the movie we see her rise to power. The other half takes place in present time where she struggles with dementia. She reminisces with her dead husband, Dennis. She can't let him or the past go, and this causes her great emotional pain.

After exhausting herself with frustration, Margaret Thatcher finally says, "All those years of making tough decisions. Does any of it matter now?"

She lets go and packs up all of her dead husband Dennis' clothes into trash bags. She's finally at peace.