Healing the Pain

I was talking with a client about her resistance to clutter bust. She said, "It hurts too much to take a look. It feels so terrible that I stop and don't come back to looking at my stuff for many months."

I told her that it may be initially uncomfortable taking the deeper look at what she'd surrounded herself with, but it could help to know that the pain she was experiencing was already in her. When she took that closer look, she became aware of the pain from living with the presence of things that were no longer serving her. When she went back to ignoring her things, the pain was still there, just not in the forefront of her awareness.

She thought about it and said, "When I think about it, I never felt better when I stopped the looking."

I told her that taking an honest look and removing the clutter that is hurting her would help heal this pain.

My client said, "I'm ready to begin."