No Place to Hide

I love cubby holes! They are so inviting. I love seeing the things I cherish, ready to be played with.

I wish most of the adult furniture was cubby hole designed, rather than doors, drawers and tops that close things off. For some reason, as we get older, we are more directed and orientated towards hiding things from others and from ourselves. Hiding becomes a habit.

Hiding is hard on us because what we don't see we often forget about.

Also, we learn to use hiding as a way to ignore things when we are feeling overwhelmed. Client have told me stories about how they take bags of things they can't handle and hide them in closets and covered cabinets.

The problem is that hidden things still negatively influence us. Kind of like odor that escapes out of a trash can.

I had a client recently let go of the majority of the contents of a stuffed chest of drawers. Then she decided to let go of the chest of drawers because she realized they were encouraging her habit to hide things. She decided to get a cubby hole cabinet instead.

I encourage you to investigate the hiding places in your home.