Space Inside and Out

There's a quantifiable feeling, a sense of presence in space as the clutter goes. And I can see it feeding my clients. My experience is that they seem more alive.

This sense of space is in our bodies too. I can say this from experience. Just a few hours ago, I was feeling really tired, like the life force was out of my body. I had to lay down, I was so knocked out. So I decided to take a look inside and see what was going on.

I know it sounds weird, but what I felt was that I was ashamed to take up space. I was surprised to hear myself say that, because I thought I had a good feeling about myself. But there it was.

I could relate to my clients collecting clutter in their homes and being afraid to take up space where they live. So I decided that I'm alive, and that I'm important, and it's okay for me to expand and enjoy my life. It's what I encourage my clients to do, so I did the same thing for myself. I started feeling better right away.

I could feel the space open up inside of me. With that space came a feeling of life and vitality. It felt okay to be alive. I think that's how we all feel as we get rid of clutter -- in our homes, our minds, or our bodies.