Breaking the Trance

I've been writing these blog posts for over three years now and it's still an odd experience for me. I'm used to being in a room with someone and their stuff and helping the person sort out the clutter. I can hear it in their voice and their physicality and I point it out to them.

With the blog posts, I'm in a room by myself, writing down insights that come to me that I hope will inspire you to take an honest look at your things and begin to let go of what's not supporting you. I write about the work I'm doing with clients, I talk about my own experiences with clutter, or I describe what causes clutter, all with the hope that it clicks for you. The odd part for me is not knowing if it's working in the moment.

I want you to know that I understand what's going on for you. The trance that comes from living with clutter is powerful. Clutter resonates a dulling and chaotic effect. It takes away our inspiration to do things that would make us feel better. I'm hoping that what I write breaks that trance. That the restraints from the inertia snap and you begin to let go of what's no longer a part of your life.