A Friendly Reminder

I've started on my trip back to Chicago and have stopped on the outskirts of Phoenix for a week or so to visit friends. Being out in the desert for me reduces things down to the basics. The desert is a role model for only keeping what matters.

While walking out in the desert yesterday I thought about how I sometimes side with other people's point of view rather than trusting my own. When I do this, my life doesn't flow well. I figured it's a habit I picked up, not being encouraged to trust what I felt as a kid. Once I got out on my own, I started to learn that there's a part of me that knows. But there's still a residue of old ways that aren't suiting me.

I thought, "It's hard for me to wear the clothes of things from the past. They fit terribly, no matter how much I try to ignore the discomfort."

I came upon a flowering cactus. I could feel the cactus wink at me and say, "You're enough."