"How does one keep going?"

One of my blog readers wrote and asked, "How does one keep going? You get your clients started on busting their clutter, but surely there are some who want to save money by working on their own after the first few hours. What do you tell them about how to keep up their momentum?"

I encourage clients to continue working on their own. I suggest they be kind to themselves in the letting go process. It's important to realize that it can't all be done in one big clutter bust. Chances are the clutter got to be the way it is because the person was feeling overwhelmed. This means their capacities are diminished. It's important to work in a way that supports where a person is coming from in the moment, and not to push.

This advice works for all of us. It's considerate to respect our current state. "Based on how I'm feeling right now, what would be a comfortable way for me to clutter bust?" Maybe that means setting a timer for a half-hour, 45 minutes, or an hour. If we work a small doable amount, we feel confident at the end of a session. This inspires us to continue doing more letting go at another time. We can even set that time in our calender as if we were going to work with someone we hired. That shows that we are considerate of our efforts.

Essentially we are sensitive creatures and we appreciate encouragement and working within our means.