Our Rooms and Life as Art

I'm inspired when people tell me about the changes they are making in their lives. They are taking their rudders back.

"You would not believe how long this has been hanging over my head. I mean, I am not a hoarder or anything like that, but things just used to "haunt" me and my house never "felt" like I wanted it to. I'm actually loving my space now. Sometimes I just stand there and look at a room now."

People are discovering it's their life to play with. They're creating a space that feels worth living in.

I like a quote from Bob Dylan where he said, "An artist has to realize he's constantly in a state of becoming." I see us as artists in our spaces, in our lives.

Clutter busting is essentially a creative act that involves dismantling and recreating our home and life piece by piece. Thinking about it can make you nervous. But moving forward, starting is what makes art exciting.

What feels like a room and a life that you love to be in is discovered by you.

For one of my clients it's a room with guitars hanging on the walls that he plucks down whenever he wants to play them.

Another client created a peaceful room for herself that only has a couple of big, colorful and comfy pillows to sit on. She sits there and enjoys the space and recharges.

For me it's creating pastel paintings, framing them, and putting them on my walls. Even though I'm traveling around the southwest now, I bring my three traveling buddy paintings with me and hang them on the walls of each new room. I look at them, they look at me, and we create sunshine.