My client said she was overwhelmed by her stuff and had tried to create some kind of organization, but couldn't think straight enough to do anything that made a difference.

Then she told me that she'd been paralyzed by panic attacks. They descended on her and made her incapable of doing anything.

I said the panic attacks were probably a symptom of living with a great amount of unresolved stuff. A part of her was aware of all the things in her living space that didn't suit, fit, take care of, nurture, compliment, or support her anymore, and knew it needed to go. But the presence of more then she could handle was making her break down just like a machine.

I suggested we work kindly and pick only one area to work on so she could think more clearly. We decided to clutter bust/resolve the things in and on her desk. She made decisions piece by piece. That's the key. She was able to focus on just one thing at a time rather than trying to figure out the impossible task of what to do with everything.

When we were done, and most of what was on and in the desk was now in trash or charity bags, my client said, "I feel like I'm starting fresh. I can't remember the last time I felt that."