Taking Back Our Lives

The problem is that you and I have both been told what fits us since we we're born. We've been instructed on what to like.

It's hard to break that spell. That's why we live miserably with things that are supposed to make us happy.

But the ability to know is in us.

We get the impetus to look within when we realize some of the things in our surroundings aren't doing it for us. These things we wear, eat, do, buy, and use are causing us more pain than joy.

You can't be told this. It's an experience that the things in your life don't fit.

Suddenly you have this thought, "Something feels wrong. I don't like a bunch of this crap around me. And I feel like letting it go."

Fueled with this permission, we start to shed what makes us tired, holds us back, confuses us, and makes us wince inside and out.

I had a client tell me that taking back her life was her first true feeling of freedom.