Waking Up to Change

"Change, which has the force of the universe behind it, is constant."
from Clutter Busting: Letting Go of What's Holding You Back.

I like talking about the inevitability of change. It can't be denied, even when our minds try. Hanging on to our things long past our need for them is a way to pretend things haven't changed. We are surrounded by things from the past and it gives the illusion that things remain the same.

But tricking our mind in this way trips us up constantly in the moment. We end up losing touch with what is and we don't respond adequately to what's happening.

I came back home a few days ago from being on the road for four months. I sensed that something was off. It was distorting how I was seeing things. Then I realized that I needed to do a clutter bust of the papers in my portable filing box. I discovered a lot of papers from the past that I no longer needed to hold on to. I sensed that keeping them had given me some comfort while I was traveling. The old papers had dulled the feeling of insecurity of not being home.

So I tossed the paper clutter. I felt a strong fresh presence take over. I felt mighty, like my feet were solidly on the ground of the moment.