"We are at the end of our rope!"

My client said she and her family were intimidated by the presence of too much stuff. The clutter had been bothering them for years, at the same time they were afraid to let it go. They couldn't stand living that way. She said, "We are at the end of our rope!"

I said, "You've made your clutter more powerful than you." That's common. We tend to hang onto things past the time they are still useful to us. It's as if they get a special privilege pass. They don't even get questioned.

But if we discovered rats in our house, we wouldn't let them run amok in our home. We'd call the exterminator to come over today.

I pointed out that when she said they were at the end of their rope, that's a dire situation. Their well-being had been compromised. It was having a negative effect on their physical and emotional health. The clutter was a destructive force in her home.

Seeing the true colors of her clutter situation inspired her. She felt motivated and we began going through the boxes in her guest room.

When we see the clutter for what it is: a toxic presence in our home that makes us confused, tired, and depressed, we can be inspired to begin to remove it right away.