Taking a Second Look

Recently I helped a client who felt stuck in her living room. She had a lot of still in the wrapper and still in the bag stuff. As we opened the bags, she was surprised because she had forgotten she'd purchased these things. She was temporarily excited when she found a bunch of unwrapped CDs. But after a moment, a heaviness over took her. She wanted to give up. The specialness had worn off.

I asked her if she wanted to open the CDs and play them. I wanted her to either get a chance to begin incorporating these things into her life, or realize she didn't care for them. The best way out of inertia is begin making decisions. She picked up one CD and tried to open it and got frustrated.

She said these things felt like burdens. She was pissed off she spent the money. I said it was okay to do something that we discover later isn't for us. The best we can do with this realization is to let go of what's not fitting our life. My client ended up donating most of the un-opened things to charity.