Emerging from a Chrysalis

I've decided to retire from in-person clutter busting because it's hard on my lungs. My lungs are extra sensitive. I think from being around a lot of mold, dust, and some hazardous fumes. Since I recommend kindness for you, I'm recommending it for myself too. I'm sad because I love working with people in their homes, but I understand how important it is to take care of myself.

I'm not retiring from clutter busting though. I will continue to do my phone clutter busting sessions, clutter busting workshops, talking to groups, and writing about clutter busting. I'm working on my third book. I don't know exactly what it's about yet. These things take about three years to form. I'm also working on putting together a new surprising addition to clutter busting that I'll share with you soon.

I'll continue writing this blog. I like sharing experiences with clients (phone and workshop ones now) and from my own life like I'm doing today. I also like writing about deeper causes of clutter, and simple solutions.

I feel like I'm expanding to help more people with their clutter situations.  I want to bring kindness back to change. The days of being hard on ourselves to become a "better me" has run its course. I believe in your and my ability to take care of ourselves in a nurturing way. That's where our true strength lies.

I wanted to share a quote someone wrote about my new book, Clutter Busting Your Life that sums this up:
"It really is a book about loving and accepting yourself and being free to just be - like a butterfly emerging from a chrysalis. It is the exact opposite of someone telling you what to do or what you should do. You get to be yourself without having to please anyone or follow any rules. You get to listen to your heart. Reading this book is a gift to yourself."