Finding a Quieter Spot

My client was standing in the midst of her basement and a slew of full moving boxes. She didn't want to be down there. She and her husband had moved in to their new home a month ago and these boxes had yet to be unpacked. She said, "I'm getting stressed looking at all these boxes."

I asked if she had any un-encombered space in the basement. She said there was a bedroom. I suggested she bring one box into that room.

It can be hard to consider what you're working on during a clutter bust when all the other things surrounding you are pulling your attention. That's often why people will not start the process because they see everything in their space and it's too much. They shut down.

Moving the stack or box to a quieter and more neutral area can help. It's a way to kind to yourself in a stressful situation.

My client brought the box to the bedroom. As she clutter busted the box she said that it was now easier for her to make decisions.