Opening in a Safe Way

My client was feeling scared. He said he was afraid to open his hands to the universe to receive the help and benefit he needed. I said that made sense because our palms and finger tips are one of the most sensitive parts of our body. They have to be so we can feel things. If we close off, it is a form of protection, but then we also close off from receiving love and happiness.

I told my client that I feel the same thing at times. I encouraged my client to be open with the feeling that he could protect himself if he needed. We proceeded to go through his things.

That night I had a dream where I had a cut in the palm of my hand. It hurt tremendously. I felt afraid. I was looking at my hand when I felt a tremendously big and beautiful flower grow out of the cut. I felt strength and love radiate from my hand through my body. The flower went back into my hand and the cut was healed. I woke up and my heart was vibrating.