Opening Up the Space

I noticed that I was feeling edgy and exhausted when I went to bed last night. I went looking for the culprit. I recognized that I've been busy doing publicity work for my new book, alongside working with clients, and it's been taking up the quiet gaps I naturally set up in my day to recharge. I needed more space in my day.

I cut back on some of the publicity today and felt stronger.

Clutter busting teaches me about the value of space. We need open space in our homes amidst our stuff. We also need occasional open space in our mind when we're not intensely focused. And like I saw today, we require open time space in our day to process our experiences, rest, and renew.

It's not that we need a huge amount of open space. A little goes a long way. I found that if I start to feel tired when working, I can stop for a minute, cover my eyes with my hands, and go within. It feels like I'm tapping into the source of everything. When that minute's up, I feel like my battery is recharged.

I think we're encouraged to be constantly active, have an over-abundance of things, and incessantly think. But without the open-space, we're going to suffer.

It's worth taking a look around your life, and find little ways to open up the space.