Clutter is an indicator that we've lost connection with ourselves. We've let other things, people and activities take precedence.

When we lose that connection, it's like becoming unplugged. We lose the source of passion and vitality that we need to fuel and inspire us.

It's a warning light to come back into the forefront. To plug back in.

I was working yesterday with a client who felt stuck. She couldn't make a decision involving property that was owned by her mother. At one point she said, "Why am I killing myself over this?" I told her the fact that she used the words, "Killing myself" meant she was compromised.

I said, "What can you do in this situation to take the best care of yourself?" She was quiet for a moment. She said, "I feel reluctant to take care of myself." I told her that was what was keeping her stuck. Until she considered herself, she would remain stuck.

She thought about it and then came up with a solution that would reclaim her life from her mother. Once she made the decision, I asked how she was feeling. She said, "I'm  relieved" through her tears. She asked if that was okay because she was feeling guilty. I said there's peacefulness when we consider ourselves in a decision.