Wait, who's voice is that?

Sometimes we have voices inside of us that aren't our own. The voice sounds like us, but what's happening is we're unconsciously repeating someone else's words and point of view. It makes us uncomfortable because it goes against our nature. We can live another person's life amidst ours for years and not even realize.

The way to root out the other person's influence in by looking deeply into a part of our life that is painful and problematic.

The other day I was working with a client who was getting frustrated at her pace of clutter busting. Her tendency was to take a while to make a decision. She felt that she was doing it wrong and that she should be working faster. Her frustration with taking a slower approach in the past often made her give up and walk away.

I said that it sounded like the faster pace was not her nature, otherwise she would be going quickly and she would feel okay. I said it seemed like it would suit her to slow down.

My client said, "I think the faster way was my mother's way of doing things. She was always a quick decision maker. But I like to take my time. It's how I work."

I said it sounded like she knew what was best for her.