"Almost" Finds a Home

I visited a friend's place. He was trying to pack for a move, but was feeling resistance. He asked for some help. I noticed a box of CDs. One of the stacks had a note on top of it that said, "Almost In Garbage."

I said, "Let's go through this stack."

He winced and took out the CDs and set them on the floor. He said, "I haven't listened to these for years. Actually some of them I've never listened to. But I keep thinking I should."

I said 'Almost In Garbage' says it all. His inclination is to toss the CDs. But there's some emotional attachment that is feeling confused and is shutting him down. I asked him to show me the CDs that he loves listening to now. He did with great enthusiasm. I asked him to contrast that passion with the stuck feeling of the Garbage CDs. 

He said, "The almost in garbage CDs don't mean anything to me now. If something like this has been sitting here for years, if someone took it out of my apartment, my life wouldn't be effected."

He put the 'Almost In Garbage" CDs into the trash.